St. Paul’s, Wimbledon & Kensal • Our Savior, Pettibone • Redeemer, Woodworth

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History of Our Savior Lutheran Church – Pettibone

Our Savior Lutheran Church - Pettibone 1966 - Two congregations, St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Pettibone and Zion Lutheran Church of Petersville, merge to form Our Savior's Lutheran Church of Pettibone 1966 - Parish formed with Redeemer Lutheran Church of Woodworth 1968 - A new church building was completed 1983 - The final payment for the new building was made.  Total cost was $75,000 1984 - Has a baptized membership of 180, with a communicant membership of 130.  It has a sizable choir, youth group, and ladies organization, along with Sunday School and Bible classes.  The Sunday School size was...

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An Invitation To Discipleship

Jesus invites His listeners to discipleship.  What does it mean to be a disciple?  A disciple is “one who follows.”   Within the setting of the New Testament, disciples follow teachers.  Thus, Jesus invites His listeners to follow Him as their teacher.  Please note: not everyone who listens to Jesus is His disciple.  Disciples follow. What does it mean to follow Jesus as His disciple?  Several selections from the New Testament discuss the cost of following Jesus as His disciple.  This cost can be both physical and spiritual. Luke 9:57-62: 57 As they were walking along the road, a man said to...

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History of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Kensal

1905 - St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Kensal was formed.  The first officers were: Chairman Fritz Foerster; Treasurer Ernest Frenzel; Secretary Gustav Gunther 1906 - Adolph Semke offered land on which to build a country church.  A building 24 × 40 feet was built by LaQua at a cost of $1260 1907 - The first confirmation class was confirmed 1914 - Kensal and Bordulac formed a parish.  The first parsonage was a house now occupied by Todd Kollman 1922 - The services were discontinued in the country church and the Congregational Church in Kensal was rented until 1926 1926 -...

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The Deaf Hear And The Mute Speak

In the seventh chapter of Mark’s gospel, Jesus heals a deaf and mute man.  Is he the only person healed in this story?  No.  Notice the reaction of the people who see the result of this miracle: they keep telling others about it, even though Jesus tells them to not do so.  Why does Jesus not want them to tell anyone?  Jesus comes into the sinful world to suffer and die on the cross for the sins of the whole world, not just to perform miracles.  When people see Jesus perform miracles without knowing why, they may get the wrong...

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